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Philippine Go Association Makati Meeting

Philippine Go Association Makati Meeting

A few weeks ago we attended the meeting of the Philippine Go Association in Makati, Manila.  The club actually meets several times a month and has a web-space at which describes their Saturday meetings.  In the photo pictured, my wife, baby, and I are teaming up against two of the local players.  We played a good game, but so did they...

For a few more pictures from last Saturday's meeting, see

Best Dating Site for the Philippines


most datingsites charge large amounts of money and provide little service.

now there is a FREE datingsite that allows any kind of interaction:

check it out. unlike other unserious sites like facebook (who do not respect privacy and intellectual property of your data) ning allows you to keep your privacy, protect your data, delete your photos any time and keep its intellectual property.

ning was founded by mark andreesen, the inventor of netscape. it is profiting from small ads (similar to google) that are not annoying at all.

the best feature of ning is that you can create your own social network for birthday parties, family reunions, charities or any other events.


Best sites for Filipinas?

Looks like there are a lot of sites now and more all the time for finding your Filipina.  If you're the serious type there's a new site for Christian Filipina Dating.  Or you've got the for cebu, the filipinaheart, what else?  Date In Asia is free. Friendster, maybe...

Hash House Harriers in the Philippines

Near Angeles? Consider going for a walk with the Hash House Harriers.   Starts at 3  on Sundays at the Anchorage Inn ( on the street behind Fields Ave).  You see rivers, lahar canyons, Aeta tribes, the real Philippines,and have some beers or softdrinks with hashers from all over the world.

They have other hikes during the week too.
Or if you are somewhere else in the PI then there might be a chapter.  There's one in Cebu and also in Dumaguete.

Best Real Estate Sites in the Philippines

I am looking around at some sites for Real Estate to get a picture of what is going on.  What are the good sites?  I found Islands Properties, and I also found another one but has no listings yet: Philippines Real Estate by Max Lincoln.  Is there a FSBO site?

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Travel Ideas

I have been to 16 countries and counting.  The Philippines is definitely on my list to visit someday.  What areas should I visit?  What are the touristy things?


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What Is In Store For The Philippine Economy?

"FedEx Corporation, the world's largest air cargo shipper, will close its air shipment hub in Subic Bay, northern Philippines, and move it to Guangzhou, capital city of China's Guangdong Province, sources reported."

"MANILA--Philippine exports plunged by a record amount in December, dragged down by a contraction in electronics shipments and weaker sales to major markets in China, Japan and the U.S...Preliminary data on goods exports showed that December shipments dropped 40.4% to $2.67 billion from $4.48 billion in the same period a ..."

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Might Global Warming Drown Your Beachfront Philippines Property?

Is the Philippines safe from global warming?

The Sea Level Rise Explorer and Sea Level Flood Maps Explorer give estimates of how much land a rise in sea level would flood land.  They both provide worldwide maps - check them out.

But how much will global warming actually affect ocean level?  Will it drown your beachfront property? Will the level of the ocean rise 10 meters or 10 centimeters over the next century?

What are the Real Requirements and Secrets of Living as a Foreigner in the Philippines?

I would like to hear from people who have been here a long time - at least five years, but better ten - what are the strategies for long-term living in the Philippines?  Assume that one is married to a Filipina, but then what - rent? buy? work? how to treat other kanos? how to treat local politicians? how to treat local thugs? how to treat local children and families?  Thanks.

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Whats the best season to see philippines beauty

I would appreciate if any one out there help me to explore philippines.

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