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you know you are filipino, if....

If any of the following sounds familiar to you, then you're probably Filipino. Admit it, some halo-halo sounds pretty good right about now.

• You answer to "Pssst!!"
• You point with your lips.
• You have relatives whose nicknames consist of repeated syllables like Ling-Ling, Bong-Bong, or Che-Che.
• You have uncles and aunts named Boy, Girlie or Baby.
• In your dining room there's a picture of "Last Supper" - and on either side of it are a giant wooden spoon and fork.
• The furniture in your house is wrapped in plastic or covered in blankets.
• You use shopping bags as garbage bags.
• You have a piano no one plays.

Best Dating Site for the Philippines


most datingsites charge large amounts of money and provide little service.

now there is a FREE datingsite that allows any kind of interaction:

check it out. unlike other unserious sites like facebook (who do not respect privacy and intellectual property of your data) ning allows you to keep your privacy, protect your data, delete your photos any time and keep its intellectual property.

ning was founded by mark andreesen, the inventor of netscape. it is profiting from small ads (similar to google) that are not annoying at all.

the best feature of ning is that you can create your own social network for birthday parties, family reunions, charities or any other events.


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