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Goodbye Nils Frode Steen Aksnes. What's the Lesson From This Death?


In recent articles and you can read about the death of the Norwegian Nils Frode Steen Aksnes.  I believe I never met him, but I know he spent time near Dumaguete.

These stories make me wonder.  Foreigners are strange, you know!  We're here partly because we didn't fit in at home.  But he hold people hostage? Did he hogtie a girl and stuff her in the closet, either before or after ordering the girl to undress?  I have no idea.  Was he drinking?  Not clever, even if innocent.  On the other hand, are foreigners violent?  I haven't met many who I'd describe that way.  It's true that many foreigners can get angry, especially when confronted by what seems unjust.  But violent?  I've heard of a few who have made mistakes and hit people.  But tried to kill anyone?  I just don't know.  I doubt in any case that to find himself declared dead on arrival from knife wounds was what the man had in mind when he made the trip from Norway so many years ago.


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