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'Is it ok if I bring a friend along on our date?"


My experience has been similar to the original poster also... I remember one girl I dated for about 2 weeks in particular, we even travelled a long distance together by ship within the Philippines to meet her family..... The whole time we were never left alone even for a few minutes due to her older sister acting as chaperon for her.  However, my friend was a virgin -and she was very young being about  20 years old.  But, even though it didn’t work out between us in the end,  I do not doubt her intentions of being serious with me if I had chosen to continue to pursue her.  My most curious bring a friend date and the one that I believe that may have been just  for a free meal for her and her friend(s) was when I invited a girl I had just met who worked at a retail store. I invited her to lunch and she said "ok come back at 12 noon". When I arrived back at her work  she asked if she could bring a friend along and I agreed.  Next thing, about 6 girls from her store tagged along and since I didn’t want to act like I was cheap I agreed to pay for their lunches also after we ordered.  However, during the lunch conversation, the girl I had invited told me she wasn’t interested in me in so many words.  I still wanted to pay anyway coz I felt it was only 500 peso and they probably earned only 100 peso a day each.   I’m not a womanizer and I really am looking for just one girl to marry, but I learned that the bring a friend thing is usually requested by virgins or girls that may not be ready for a serious relationship for whatever reason or just don’t really like you that much (aren’t serious with you).  And I have gone on bring a friend dates where it seemed in retrospect that the girl I was attempting to suit was not serious at all and may have just been bored and wanted to go out of the house on a date for something to do –even though I had clearly explained my intentions beforehand.  I noticed that girls that already had children or have already been in intimate relationships in the past usually do not request nor care to bring a friend along usually.  To be honest..... I like when the friend comes along anyway, maybe that friend will turn out to be my real match and if there is a communication problem then it usually is resolved between the two of them.  My only tip: you be the one to choose the place to go, don’t say "Hey, wherever you want to go is ok with me...”  I learned that philipinas are not shy about ordering expensive food at a restaurant, I’m sure they all assume we americanos or foreigners all have alot of cash.  I don’t blame them, if I was a pretty philipina woman, I'd give the men suitors hell if I could. I not talking about lying or scamming...just normal stuff like dating rituals including wine and dine.  Most American woman are still 20 times worse in the case of dating and their expectations as a whole in my humble opinion..........


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