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chaperons are the observer

Bringing a chaperon to a date is ussually a mannerism to the filipinos why? it is filipinos are known most conservative of all, to bring a friend into a date is to avoid for some sexual harrasment to happen or physical abuse . why do filipinos have this kind of thoughts? its because  of what  happened to some other filipinas that were rape and killed by some other foreign people so from that incident  filipinos are more aware not to give trust right then  to the foreigners . for the filipinos the chaperons from the date are very important, why? it is not because  of have them  free meals etc. it is because  the friends will also look how the guy looks, if it can be trusted and how he manner, the chaperons there are the observer. and about filipinos will bring you the very expensive restaurants? it is because  they are confused on  what kind of foods do foreigner ussually eat so for them to make sure that the one who will pay the food eat well. filipinos are depth they will test you how sincere u are to them. and if they find out that u only dating them for some sexual interest you will lost a points and maybe they will take you for an advantage, filipnos are interesting  all you have to do is  get to know them deep the deepest u can .


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