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from my experances

From my experiance their not all bad and not after your money! been there 3 times so far and on my second marriage to a filipina woman. The first one was from the city not a bar girl but knew her way around town. When she got here she wanted to go places all the time but i had to work to pay the bills and only get vacation once a year. Needless to say she should have married a retired guy with money so she could go any and everywhere she wanted. but she didn't come for the money it just didn't work out between us. I'm now in the process of my second marriage to a filipina woman after 2 more years of being alone but she's from the farm and so different from the first one. She really beautiful and has a 7 year old child that i call my daughter and will adopt her, The funny tihng if my fiance had it her way she wouldn't be here i would be there and tell you the truth i rather live there than here in the US because i love it there in the philippines but i'm not old enough to retire and i wouldn't be able to support us there so for now we will be togehter here in the US. She really big on the ways of how she was brought up cleaning of the house cooking and just wanting to take care of me and all she ask in return is that i love and respect her as she does me. I see a very very long relationship between us like forever. point being if you want a party girl get one from the city! If you want a long lasting loving wife then get one from the farm. good luck to all and God bless!


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