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my second home

having justy read numerous comments from westerners about the philippines ,some good ,some bad i feel compelled to add my 2 pennys worth. i met my wife on the internet and after 5 months of chat i went to the philippines to meet her , she lived in butuan i landed in davao,some 8hrs bus ride away ,but she insisted that she would be there to meet me when i arrived ,and she was . we travelled for 3 weeks together and i asked her to marry me and she said yes. i met mum and dad and asked what do i pay for re the wedding and her answer was everything , i was taken aback but agreed , i left some days later only to return 3months later with the money ,stay for 3 weeks and leave ,having left 10-000 nz dollarswith my wife to be, 4 months later i returned ,whereby all the wedding arrangements had been made and paid for by my fiance we where married and now some 4 yrs later have 2 beaiutiful daughters 2 yrs and 10 weeks, we returned lats yr with our 1 st daughter to show her parents their grandaughter and we plan to go back in 2012/3 to show the newest addition . when i am there i now stay with her parents and eat the local food, i have never had any bad side effects from the food however i only drink bottled water. i have now been to the philippines 4 times and would like to retire there and enjoy all the local foods and people. i have always found the filippinas i have dealt with to be helpfull ,understanding  and humorous. i absolutely love the food of the people and have bought recipe books so we can cook at home in NZ. The recipes that are traditionlayy cooked for me when i am there are both tastefull and healthy and filling from the raw  fish (kinelau) to the chicken and pig, all are great  i must say that the beef though does leave a lot to be desired . as for safety i have never felt threatened at all from (davao,butuan, cagayan ,san hose, surigau) in mindano,leeti, manila,cebu etc if i do retire there though i would definetly arm myself just to feel secure and safe while travelling. all in all my trips to the philippines have been exemplary as have the people and i would reccommend going there to anyone  all the best steveieti


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