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Safe! I feel Iàm

Well I moved to the Philippines ealier this year after I married my Filipina wife and just then let that one person know Im not rich by any means and Im American. But I have been to the Philippines numerous times in several different Islands and the worst one for me was the Southern Island I went to Zambowanga (sorry if misspelled) I had to be escorted by armed guards to travel to the airport which then was completely safe. Security in my opinion is great here in the PI even the malls have guards at the doors most diners do too. I dont go looking for trouble in wrong places. I love the Philippines and the people are just so welcoming and they are truly a customer based country. Anywhere you going you are being served. So anyways I like it and of course there are bad people here just like any other country. How many people are being killed everyday in certain cities of the US, just for wearing wrong colors or hat is different or anything of the numerous stupid reasons. So if you think its safe somewhere in the world where you dont have to worry about NOTHING then please wake up from your dream!


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