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That's not so!!!.....

....I'm a 'NOT RICH AT ALL' American but I am married to a wonderful and lovely Filipina.  As we were dating online(via YM, email and phone) I made it abundatley clear that I was just an American middle class working stiff and she was then and now cool with that.  She was working in Hong Kong at the time as a Nanny for 12 years and that is where I met her. 

Her family has never asked me for anything but I understand the harsh realities of living in the Philippines on the 'average' filipina/filipino there.  There are no 'social' entitlement programs there as we have in the States, Great Britain and Canada.  If you do not or cannot find do not eat, see a doctor etc.  So yes, I make sure my mother-in-law has enough for her monthly medications and a little extra spending money(900 pesos).

My wife works in a nail salon and because I'm 9 years older than her, now she wants me to  stop working and 'relax'.  As I most thankfully told her...Ain't gonna happen. We both will 'pull the cart'

I have found out that there is NO SUBSTITUTE for a Filipina wife.  You will never be treated as good with any other woman.  However, should you be fortunate to find a Filipina, make sure she was born and 'raised' in the Philippines.  That's the 'true difference.


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