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im a local and i'll try to help you


first of all go to the website LIVE IN THE PHILIPPINE WEB MAGAZINE. find a foreigner just like you and make friends with them, so if you come here they can help you. cause its the number 1 step to make your stay here in the Philippines easy.

words that can save your precious life.

The Philippines is a country for relaxation and friendly conversation with locals like myself,, We Filipinos like to entertain westerners and be friends with them, BUT be CAREFUL cause some FILIPINO specially Muslims or, less uneducated locals think all westerners have money and will try to get some advantage out of it, I think it’s stupid, as for them, just another day to get some money.

For your safety
1. don’t trust locals you just met, don’t show them or let them feel you have money.
2. Level with them
3. be friendly but not to friendly
4. know their background, IF we/she have job or a college graduate you’re safe but if not you might be in trouble.
5. AS FOR BUSINESS, never invest large amount of money cause it might go to waste, try to invest right amount of money and if it boom you’re in a right direction and start investing more, be friendly to customer, talk to them.
6. some of you are in Mindanao, so be extra vigilant. (terrorism and REBELS)
7. find or search for another foreigners.

8. be careful with your belongings

But Philippines is a very cheap and fun place to live in so have fun, relax and enjoy, don’t think of work too much cuz this country is made for fun.

find your self a Filipina, she might help you and even be your tour guide (optional)

you wont gonna be bored here because der is a lot of malls, bars, etc. and beautiful places(outside Manila)

prices here in the Philippines is very cheap, you can eat in a cafeteria with just 1 USD, but you should explore to find it,, der is also cheap hotels, and resort.

expect overcrowded place, traffic.


about the mailing address thing, sorry i cant help you with that.. go to the website that i just reffer you to. and find MINDANAOBOB, he is a foreigner who knows the Philippines and is willing to help foreigner just like your self.

as for the Bank. you can try BDO, HSBC, UNION BANK, all of it is a good bank but depends on what your looking for for a bank.




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