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expect lot of traffic, overcrowded place, jeepneys like you never seen before. Happy people and mostly frieendly people.

prices are cheap compare to the US, lot of cheap hotels, bars, and mini restaurant that you can buy  food for just 1USD.

but if money is not an issue  there are expensive high class hotels, resort, and restaurants.

boredon is rare in The Philippines, there are lot of large malls that you can go to. and beautiful scenery.

THERE ARE MANY AMERICANS IN SUBIC  i can tell it's a good idea.

if you want to go to the Philippines without you having a hard time, search for a westerner friends in these site. they can help you big time.

try international banks, local commercial banks is also good, but for your peace of mind i recommend international banks.

if vacation and relaxation is the reason why you want to stay here in the Philippines, then your in a treat.

if work is the reason, also a good idea because you dont have to work hard beacause people here are laid back

if investing here in the Philippines is your prime reason, dont expect much, try investing low amount of money and if thinks go well try investing more.

property here is also cheap compare to the USA


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