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MARRY EITHER WAY WORKS.... can marry your gf either in Phils. or in USA.  Your first requirement either way when you file to bring her here will be that you have known her and corresponded with her(mail. email. telephone, video chat, skype, etc.  etc.)Also, when you visit her be sure to take plenty of pictures with at least 2 of them showing a landmark of the Philipinnes.

My suggestion would be to seek out an Immigration attorney before and after you travel to meet her to find out which way to file will be best for your needs. A good Immigration attorney will be invaluable to you and will save you time and money. You will probably here from friends that the forms are simple and they are to a point but if you make just one mistake or forget to attach one document, it will be sent back to you and you must refile and start again.

I myelf chose the Fiance Visa because it gave us more latitude, ie., meeting her and then deciding to marry once she was here.  As far as Immigration processing time they both are 6-8 months to process IF she has all her clearences and passport up to date to exit the Philippines.

When searching for a good Immigration attorney, ask around as I did.  I have some Hispanic friends and they referred me to a great and even inexpensive attorney.

Good luck and best wishes.


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