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How much you got?

The amount of money to spend on holidays is really up to you.


Excluding accommodation (chose a hotel from $20 a night to $1000 a night), I would budget for about $60 a day.


This includes:

- Any day trips you want to take (say, guided bus trips)

- Taxi fares (you don't want to waste your precious holiday time using public transport)

- Eating in decent restaurants (your stomach won't be able to handle the local germs so don't risk it or you'll spend your holiday on the toilet)

- Going out at night and having a few drinks etc.

- Buying souvineers for yourself/family back home

- Maybe you'll meet a new "friend" and want to treat her to dinner/new clothes etc.


$60 will be plenty of money; you'll generally spend less, but sometimes more. As you're on holiday it's better to enjoy your time rather than worry about $10 (remember, you just spent $2000 on airfare, don't worry about $10).


Also, allocate some extra money for any internal flights you want to take.


Enjoy your trip, it's a great place to go.






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