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There are lots of amazing

There are lots of amazing Philippine food. There are lots of American food (which is not very many anyway) in the main cities of every province in the Philippines where you can find in supermarkets. Restaurants in cities nearby or in Manila are quite expensive if you are looking for lucrative foods just like in any other countries. Fast foods are the most famous for average Filipinos because they're fast and inexpensive. Jollibee is just like McDonalds taste and menu adjusted to local taste and market. You can get fresh vegetables for salads in supermarkets or wet markets in the very early morning. Get meats from the supermarkets or from trusted wet market vendors. Fishes are most likely fresh in the Philippines but must buy also early in the morning at the wet markets or get at supermarkets. You can check on local middle class community for good and inexpensive restaurants and food supply, they are the one who most likely know what's best in town. Street foods are served all over Manila streets but they are just snacks and should buy with those much customers. The best way to save money and stay healthy is to cook your own food, which most Filipino families do. Fast foods and street foods are just for comfort and they are not a daily diet. Filipino fast foods and street foods are just amazing tho, specially for the locals. Taste them if you want to have a taste of the culture.


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