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well, i understand perfectly

well, i understand perfectly why so many filipino get offended by fred's comment. But it's actually true. it's not the first time people complaining about philippines cuisine. It's quite bad. And if you say it's good, i bet you're a filipino, so your opinion is a little bit bias :)
As an asian country philippines cuisine is remarkable on its bad gastronomy. my friend told me that if you love to eat any food of philippines you could make bear grylls look like a sissy. why you're mad at fred? what he said is true, and it's real. i think your patriotic thing is clouding your logic. when someone criticize some aspecs of your country you people just defend it blindly. what's wrong with you people. have you ever try another country cuisine and compare it to yours? try thais, malays, indian, or japanese food and say it again that your food has the same gastronomic status as theirs.


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