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As a foreigner I'd like to

As a foreigner I'd like to say that fred did get the message across, though I feel he could have been a tit bit more diplomatic in his response.

The food in the Philippines is diverse, however the bottom line is that if you want good food you have to part with a little more pesos than the average pinoy. Let me elaborate, carefully select the stores/markets you buy your chicken and other food from. A lot, not all, but a lot of Filipino dishes have quantities of ingridients that most foreigners fail to find palatable sugar and cooking oil being the main two.

GOOD Vegetables are hard to come buy in metro manila, however the more remote areas of the Philippines have fresh, scrumptious vegies that will leave you yearning for more.  The local beef doesn't taste as good as beef elsewhere so if you are a person who loves staeks your best be would be to buy imported meat(From Australia and other countries in the vicinity.


Bottom line - shop around


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