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most people in the phils, and i mean most foreigners, do not care about what they eat. you could serve them cardboard and they would not notice.

food in the phils is very bad in general, having travelled to 75 + countries i would rate food the worst of any country i know. not only does it taste bad, it is also extremely unhealthy. life expectancy is very low in the phils.

the main food is pork and rice. most food is fried in transfat oils. vegetables are not used by most restaurants. the main dish is a piece of meat and rice. herbs and spices are unknown.  local filipino food stalls store meat and rice in silver cookpots all day and i bet sometimes many days, meaning that bacteria develop fast considering the heat. 

they have cheap fast-food copies like jollybees which do not serve a single healthy food item. in the usa, all fast foods serve salads and some have started to serve vegetarian food, not in the phils. also portion sizes are very small in the filipine fast foods, about half the normal size. everyone should avoid those fastfoods anyway, in order to stay healty.

you can find good restaurants only in large cities. those restaurants are very few and unlike in north america, there is no variety. decent restaurants are expensive, you will pay more than in an equivalent restaurant in the usa. in a good restaurant in a mall you will pay more than 15 bucks per person. in the us you can get similar food for 10 or 12. in the usa most chinese, thai and vietnamese restaurants serve tea for free. in the phils nothing is free..

finally be prepared that you have to be on guard all the time because they use tons of SUGAR in every and any food item. even most young people, 19, 20 years young, are loosing teeth. most older people have only a few teeth left.  in the phils they do not declare the sugar, they do not declare anything on any food and so you will have to ask every time you buy anything if there is sugar added or any other unhealthy ingredient. most of the time the clerks will not know or they will give you wrong information.

the only way to stay healthy is buying vegetables and fruits at the market and cook.











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