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My 2 Cents

Much of what Fred wrote is true. However, extremely short sighted as it fails to tell the whole story.

I just returned two weeks ago from a six week business trip to Asia of which 4 weeks were spent on the island of Leyte, Philippines. It is funny that I even came across this thread as I actually found it by doing a search on healthy eating in the Philippines.
A little background for what I'm about to say. I'm 53 years old and certainly at a time in my life when I can look at food and gain weight. I'm not a dietitian or a health food nut but I try to eat right most of the time.  When home I work out at the gym 5 days a week, and on weekends try to engage in some sort of physical activity. This is the only way  I can keep from getting fat. I’m 5’11” and weigh 180lbs.
When I left on this trip I weighed 180lbs. The local foods were my only choice and I tried many dishes and kept eating the things I liked the most since I was not near the larger cities and I certainly did not starve myself. I did not work out for the entire time as I was busy and fairly active anyway. When I returned to the US my weight was still 180lbs. After being back for two weeks I’m 185 and back to having to limit what I eat, go to the gym to work on get the pounds back off.
If I were to make one statement and observation… I would rather eat the very fresh young hormone free pork and chicken combined with their exotic fruits and vegetables in the Philippines then all the fattening  foods served here in the US. The foods here are good, “and I’m not a DR” but being obese has to be much more life shorting than eating their foods.
With that said just use common sense. I don’t like their foods cooked in oil but I found so many other great choices, and regarding the meat… the pork and chicken cooked over charcoal is out of this world.  Forget about beef while you are there, it is a waste of money.
Beyond all of this, the Philippines are beautiful and you will not find another English speaking country whose people are genuinely so friendly and sweet. These people, as poor as they may be are educated and extremely family oriented. They take care of each other and I have the highest level of respect for the Filipino’s. Yes, it is true that their life expectancy is 5 years less than ours but maybe that has something to do with being poor and little access to healthcare. That’s right; most live their whole life without going to the doctor or dentist. Still most stay healthy enough to live out their lives poor and happy not needing a Doctor o keep them alive the last 20-30 years of their life. BTW, I saw a lot of beautiful pearl white teeth when I was there.
I recommend you do not try and judge the Philippines on the major cites because life in general there is so much different in the Provinces, and the people will treat you with great respect expecting absolutely nothing in return.
Good Luck, and enjoy your visit to the Philippines



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