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Good for You!!!!!!

Well its about time and extremely refreshing to read someones opinion who is NOT politically correct!!! To me, you have stood up for not only your country, your way of life and yourself, CONGRATS!!!! Much RESPECT!!!! You do have to remember though, in this world, it takes all kinds, and sadly there are people who are not happy with anything and they feel its their duty to inform EVERYONE about their opinion, whether they offend anyone or not. I mean the cardboard comment, I mean come on, thats just absurd! What these people dont think about is just because they dont like anything, that doesnt mean everyone else is just like them!!!!! My suggestion, if you cant say anything nice, DONT say anything at all!!!!!!  You sound like a good and honest person, someone I personally would like befriend and communicate with, someone who in this day and age, still believes in HONOR!  If you would like to communicate, Email me at , looking forward to hearing from what I consider a new friend.


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