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American food in Philippines

Depending on where you go,you may or may not be able to find actual American groceries.All major cities have imported groceries,but they also have Pizza Hut,Mcdonalds,and Starbucks. You can get great healthy food pretty much anywhere you go,fresh fish and fresh fruits are available anywhere in Philippines. The easiest way for a tourist to find great locally grown food at good prices is to find a foreigner who lives in the area you are visiting and ask his maid. (trust me,he has one) she lives there and knows where to get the best food at good prices. She will probably volunteer to do your shopping or at least go with you and keep you from wasting time or being overcharged, which happens to tourists (kanos) a lot..You can even hire a part time maid for yourself for 5-10 USD per week and it is easily worth many times that much in the time and money she will save you.She has been there her whole life and she knows where the deals are. You can find local Filipino food that is barely edible and you can find the best food you have ever tasted,just like in America,Europe, or anywhere else.


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