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I have to say up front that I

I have to say up front that I have never been to the philippines and  am still planning my first trip.  I work as a nurse  and  I work with ALOT of Philippine nurses and Nurse assistants.  They frequently bring in home cooking so I get to try alot of different home cooked meals.  The food I have experienced is almost always fried in heavy grease, very heavy and for sure not healthy.  I usually eat it to be polite not because I like it.  Alot of fatty meats, oily pastas, very few vegetables.  Alot of white rice fried in oil and mixed with other oily foods.  My best friend from the Philippines found out at age 38 that he is pre-diabetic.  The philippino doctor he sees told him the number one thing he can do for his health is to eat fewer traditional foods.  I think "good food" is a developed taste no matter what country it is from.  I was raised poor in the USA and ate alot of bad, unhealthy food that I LOVED at the time.  At this point in time you couldn't pay me to eat those same foods because I have developed other tastes. (i no longer eat much fried food, i dont save my oils/grease to reuse it/ i can't believe i ever used lard in my cooking, pig meat especialy fried makes me gag...)  When I see people(including myself) saying Philipine food is "bad" i just keep in mind it is all subjective and a matter of taste.  There are people that would not eat my food if you paid them...:)


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