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I am a Filipino and am proud to be one.

I am absolutely offended by Fred's comments. I'm sure every Filipino would be if he/she ever got the chance to read his comments about Filipino food. Though I know that each person is entitled to his/her opinion, I believe that one must take in to consideration the feelings of those to whom his comments are directed at. Fastfood chains here in the Phils., for me, can't be referred to as "Filipino food". Before criticizing our choice of food and lifestyle, you should first research about the various kinds of food that we could and do offer, like adobo, sinigang and pinak-bet. They are healthy and yummy at the same time. And regarding those things that you wrote about us not being healthy, I'd like to inform you that there are more obese people in the U.S. than here in our country. And that's a known fact.



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