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love the philippines

i was in the philippines back in feburary. met my fiance and her family. i missed my flight in china. had to spend the night in china. her, her and her mom was at the airport in manila waiting for me. the airport in china woulnt call manila and let them know what happened. i had no way to call her. when i got to the hotel i was able to send her and email. they spent half the night in manila looking for me. the next morning i got a phone call from her. she was crying. she didnt know what happened to me. we talked about it. and that evening her and her sister came to manila and met me at the airport. we saw each other. she threw the sign with my name on it down. we went running to each other. we hugged and kissed. and i said its about time. the women over here wouldnt go thru that much trouble for a man. i spent 11 great days there. everyone was great. and so nice. im going back in the spring. and then she is coming over here. we are going to both work for 5 years over here and save all of our money. then move over there and open a grocery store and live the rest of our lives together. oh yea i forgot she is from pampanga. and her name is miriam. she is college educated and a teacher there. she speaks perfect english. and she is beautiful. this was suppose to be a short message . sorry. to any guys who havent been. what are you waiting for. sincerly james


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