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What a great story


What a great story.  That definitely gave me inspiration and even more reason to go there for a while to really experience the true values of the country and the people.  I've been there several times before, but under different circumstances.  Now, I'm looking for a longer term stay.  Being of retirement age, I am actually considering living there permanently.  But, I know it's best to spend a few months there first, looking around and being sure I can handle the differences in the culture and the rights I would give up as an American if I lived there.  But, in exchange for those, I hope to experience a lifestyle at a cost I could never hope to achieve here.  Have you had any experience, or do you know anyone in subic?  I've heard that is a very "westernized" area with lots of Expats.  Again, thanks for your heart warming story.  Best of luck to you and your future wife.  You're right about one thing, there are no more loyal and caring Christian women than you will find in the Philippines.




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