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I have a simular story!


I too have a beautiful woman there in the philis she's from Bislig a country girl and had lived in Davao for about 6 years with her sister but now back home in her home town now, I have been to the philis 3 times already twice for my first wife (Didn't work out city girl) and last time was recent in Nov. 16 to the 27th 2011 I will have to say they were best days of my life seeing her in person for the first time after us being on line for the last 12 months, She speaks really good english as so does her 7 yrd daughter and her mother, father and rest of the family. I have already petition for her and my new daughter but i'm so ready to be with her. She really dosen't want to come here to the states but she wants to be with me  and if i could afford it i would sell everything i have and go back and live there. I want have enough money to be secured in maybe starting a business as well we will be back in a couple of years after she's here with me and get married there too! The people in the phils are so friendly but you are right you have to be smart and on guard i not have any trouble mainly because i'm 6'1" and about 260lbs. look military too and only 47 yrs old  so they tend to not try anything with me plus my girl looks out for me too which helps. I want to learn the language so i can interact  with all. Just a great place to be will be glad to get back there soon.

Thanks, Todd


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