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Well, I have observed that foreigners are so concentrated in the the southern part of the country. . . and it is because of the beautiful beaches which compliments the tropical climate of the country. But, for those who would love the mountains, rivers and streams, slopes of valleys and hills plus the vibrant greeneries of the rice, corn and vegetations in the north. . . I am proud to say that Region 2 is the perfect place to give a visit. People here  are as hospitable and friendly as the other filipinos all over the country, but a little more conservative in character and lifestyle. Expect them to feel embarrassed when kissed in public, lol! and although modern fashion trends is now being introduced in the region, still you will notice the touch of old values in the community. 

I have not much time today to promote more of the beauty of the region to convince foreigners to visit us here, but, I will soon write more and hope to post and share some  photos of the place.

My customers are now coming for lunch, i will be back! lol!




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