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scammers are everywhere

 I had a what i called fiance for three years, i helped the whole family in very thing you could think of from education to farming  and daily living, but this year was time for me to meet her and possible get marriage, she was no where to be found, she had to go manila there was a death in family, she had to go to hthe wedding and all the suddenly, she lost her cell fone, and some one just found it  and this person dont speak english, she just found it at the air port, i just couldint believe, i am already at the Ninoy aquino Airport, waiting for her, aftere that i didnt even bother try to find her. i just came back on 03 june 2009, and she called me telling me she got job and she is going to USA??? by the way I am from Toronto, Canada, i still love Philippines, i love the culture most ppl have respect and i love the food, well i tried to forget her and iwas abble to find another beautiful Girl fromthe province we gto engaged and i am going back in december toget married, i have pics and videos of my X fiancee tons of receipts of money transfered from western Union, i forgive her, i have two carrabao and big frma under her name!! Scammer they come in different way, just be care ful, i thought i knew her, mama, papa and all family, they even come online when she is online to say hi to me i didnt see that coming honestly!!



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