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  i really get a laugh now when i see things unfold . there is no warning these poor guys when they r lost in P.O.P>  it  now is a joke . after being hear a few years and seeing the scamme now i just laugh   im done warning these poor  fools the storys are endless now   i own a small hotel and get new storys evry week . i dont warn them any more  they are the fools . i have so many storys i could tell hear you could right volumes  also my own tiral and tribulationd of living her . yes it is tough sometimes . the worst is when im told im a white american and i have a lot of money so dont worry about it .. i now tell them to0 stick it . im 55 yo and not retired but fortunate to have learned how to make money hear . and yes the greatest satisfaction i get is when a stupid philipino gives me money for a three hour short time room in my hotel then extends for three more hours and has to pay 300 more pesos and he isnt smart enough to no he can have the roo for 24 hors at that price oh well .but there are so many storys . they go on and on fully enough to write a book about  .. there is a new one unravelling presently in digos that involves a guy from cananda that came hear as a misionary that was fully paid ofr buy the church and sent his beautifiull japanese wife and kids back to tokyo and hooked up with a parisioner girl  100 5 and gave it all up for her   including his wife and three kids   got the boot from the church and now is trying to settle in digos . oh the storys go no and on . i tried to tell him but he is convince he can buy land a beach resort and own a buizess hear wioth her .. oh so much more the saga continues oh well he is totally lost in P.O.P the real thing 22 yo phill girl 2 yrs older than his daughter haha oh well so much for virgins



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