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more of the saga

 so i thought i would give a lttle update on the latest from my story   the ex comunicated misionary came to day to my place with his gfs papa and they had a conversation for a while   over a beer etc etc . so he came doun and i asked him how he ws doing   well he is ok it seems thathe is putting the land in his future ex papas name to protect the future ex wife from anything haha wow what a fool  the saga continues daily . he is goingto spend about 1 million all in all and then some and you no what it is all for not .. he wont listen he is trully blinded by P>O>P> and it is great because it gives me and my wife something to laugh about .. as someone wrote here blood is thicker than water .. he is happy becasue there will be a promissary note   wow thats a good one it doesnt mean shit here in the phills . it is really funny to hear the daily crap of storys .. yes he is blinded by a l8ttle furry thing he took when it bled haha


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