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I think what we really need

I think what we really need is some kind of search engine that allows us to search for possible scam artists. Something that we can type in the name or email address and other guys can update details about the girl. I remember reading something about a site in the US called don't-date-him-girl (or something along those lines) which warned women off certain men.


I need to be able to type in "Mary Rose" or "" into an engine and it comes up with:


Mary Rose - Filipina

Rose Mary -

aka Sexygirl101, sexygirl102, sexygirl103

aka Dirty_nellie@hotmail

Pictures: <.....>

Real name: Rosie Bilar

From: Cebu

Lives: Manila


Warning - currently has 5 American boyfriends.


You get the picture.


By the way, I made up the above details....apologies if it matches your current girlfriend :-)




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