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all well and good   i agree

all well and good   i agree and like the thought but think about it would it have matterd to you or anyone of us when we are blinded buy P/O/P nothing matters when it come to terms of the heart there is nothing anyone can say or do to turn your mind from a beautifull looking philipina . your mind wanders where your heart goes and you r lost until it is to late . now after living thru this torid hell called phillipina love haha it has happend to probably 95 percent of us nd we have all learned the hard way . now to me it is funny and now have lots of things to talk about when i meet more foolish men lost in love . now after being here for so long it funny when the guys bring there gf to meet me the first thing they ask is how long have i been here and i tell them  and within minutes they are on there way because she doesnt want him chatting to me   wow itso funny . then the next thing they ask is my wife and how much is her allotment from me   what a fn joke at that stage . ive heard it all   the storys are endless .. there is so much to talk about now   its great ..last month there were 2 guys from ireland staying at my hotel   one was getting married to his virgin chat mate that had lived in this town her whole life   . wow what a joke  he needed to make a long distance call from the phone company and i told her to bring him to piltell she didnt no where the office was   oh yea it gets better   the she says she is going to college   and i said wow that awsome which one   she said the one on such such street   i laughed like hell   it is right next to the phone co. what a joke   the poor fool is going to marry her   she showed josy and i her passport   wow it was so phony   biggest smile i ever seen in a passport   .. oh weell there is so much more   . she speaks O englich none at all but she can email in perfect word   she has a  great coach . in the cafe   oh well i tried to tell him but it gets even better   now we have more to laugh ab0ut   . these poor fools are endless


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