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Sorry to hear that Hemi but

Sorry to hear that Hemi but you've learned a good lesson (and everyone else who can learn from your experience).

I'm actually in Cebu today. I met a few women online and took a 3-week trip here. I spent a few days in Manila, then down to Zamboanga, over here to Cebu, over to Davao on Friday then back to Manila. In that time I'll meet 5 girls I've been speaking to on-line and I'll decide what I want to do after that.

Remember, you're in charge in this country, unlike in the US or England or Australia. You make the decisions and, although it's a horrible expression, it's a buyer's market when looking for love here.

Hemi, don't give up. There are lots of lovely people here so don't let one bad experience sour your feelings for this lovely country.



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