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photographers and then other talents...

That reminds me how before I was married I met a few people who seemed different in person.  Once I went on a boat trip to meet one girl I'd met over the internet.  She sounded quite educated and confident both on the phone and in chatting online. Then when I got there, it was as if she couldn't speak.  Did she not understand me?  Was she just shy?  It was definitely the girl in the pictures, but something was totally amiss.  Some people can be so different in person!  I finally figured out that her housemate had been the one communicating with me and the girl from the pictures probably hadn't even known I was coming until I was already there.  The absurdity of some of the deception is so blatant that a person doesn't want to admit he was fooled by it at first, I guess!

As much as a guy might feel uncomfortable asking for it, I think if he's meeting someone long-distance he has to insist on seeing the girl in a high-quality webcam and seeing her hands actually doing the typing.  And of course "don't send money until you meet in person."


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