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I just must be cheap LOL :)

I enjoyed reading your post. And I still don't understand how these guys can fall for these scams????
Maybe it is because I am well travelled and have lived over seas or maybe because we have a large Philipino Community in the US citythat I live in?  Maybe it is because I work as an Investigator for the Department of Child Welfare and it is the nature of the job to be suspicious and not trust what people say until there is evidence that is proven credible.

To add to your stories, I have several Philipino friends who have been used and abused by their own families that   were living in PI. Some real sad stories but after getting burned they get real hard and let their family know that it is not easy in America and the bucks stops now. I have sent money to a "friend" before but never any big money to help out with studies. And I live by the rule that if you help someone it has to be out of the goodness of your heart, expecting nothing in return. So that why when you get nothing back, you don't feel slighted  

Anyhow I went to Cagayon and met her and her family. Very nice respectful family and I was very impressed. In our 5 year friendship she never once asked for money from me. But I must admit it would be hard to be faithful at first because there are so many oppertuinities there. Anyhow, we still are friends. I had a wonderful time and I plan on going to CEBU this time. Maybe it is because, I really don't give women money that I have never met and then if I do know them, it has rarely ever happend. My thinking is that, they are all adults, like I am and have to be responsible for their own problems and lives. While I would love to live in PI one day (my money would definately go further), it would have to be with a woman who loved her own country and wanted to stay there and not come to the USA.  Well, thanks agian for your sharing!!!   


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