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just wondering

I'm new to this, so please bear with me.   I have been involved with a wonderful filipina woman for some time now, but have yet to actually visit and meet her in person. We have communicated by telephone, webcam and a social networking site.  I trust her very much, but I'll be honest, I've googled her and checked her out to the best of my abilities short of hiring a PI firm. ( she told me she is a teacher and that all was verified on google) I will also say, this is my first long distance relationship and I could easily be fooled. Some strange things have occurred over time, but I always assume it's coincidence or just my imagination. One thing that troubles me is when were on webcam she will show me no affection. She won't blow me kisses etc and says it's because teachers there are schooled in ethical behavior in public. I can dig it, but blowing someone a kiss is really not that big a deal.. is it?? She always seems to be paying attention to only me and smiles only when it seems I have caused the reaction. Is there anyone who knows if this is normal behavior for a teacher there, because here in the states it certainly doesn't hold true. I have read the women there like to show affection to their men anywhere. There have been other things such as whispering I love u when she is at home sometimes and not answering her phone, then calling me right back and is obviously outdoors. She lives with her sister and little niece so that might explain the reluctance to say to much aloud. Or maybe I'm just another fool of many I have read about. I have helped her out financially because she has a little one and the story goes the father promised to leave his wife and marry her, then reneged after she was pregnant. She says she would have actually gotten in trouble if she pursued this man for support. Well thats enough of my laundry hanging out there lol. I would appreciate anyones educated opinion on this. Thanks for your time people. Peace...


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