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I've met teachers there and they're shy, they won't show affection in public so don't expect it and don't push for it. The story about the BF getting her pregnant and then leaving is very, very common so I'd believe that. If she's a teacher, and I'm sure she is, then she'll be well educated and come from a good family. She won't behave like a bar girl and tell you she loves you etc. You wouldn't expect it from a Western woman so don't expect it from her.

In terms of the development of the relationship I think you've come to the point where you have to go and meet her. You've "fallen in love" with someone over the internet but that's not real. You haven't physically met each other yet so it's not a real love until you test the chemistry. This can only happen when you meet. You may find that there are some things about her that you really don't like (annoying habits etc) and you won't want to continue. I'm pretty sure she'll like you as you're her saviour - you give her money and take care of her and the baby. Security means a lot to Filippinas and they'll put up with a lot to gain this security (e.g. marry an older man from a different culture).

I'd strongly recommend you pay a visit there now before deciding to take this any further.





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