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Scammera are indeed...

Thank you for your insights.  This scamming is an explosive INDUSTRY.

My friend is now in the Philipines. He - also a white Australian Churchgoer - has tried online involvements with two Sudanese women. One worked for the World Council of Churches in Switzerland. He then 'met' a woman from the Philipines online who claims to be a Pastor.  He is now there in Mindanao due to return in soon.

i'm not in favour of mixed-race involvements. 

Philipinas have a bad name for gold-digging, led by larger-than-life Rose Hancock

Marriages of convenience, eg USSR, Philipines, African work only in one party's material interest and the subsequent breakdown in relationship will have a great effect on the man's mental and financial health.  Men should think more about such long-term issues.

Men shouldn't be so desperate to marry.  If people rush into things, they always make mistakes.  Sure, Western women-ness is all messed up, and such women are often anti-men and anti-society.  But there just might be some women out there happy to be thinking creative women - not coquette-mag-perving or gossip-mag-reading apathetic, cosmetic-caked bimbos.

Giving up TV would encourage creative non-gossipy thinking - by both sexes. Thinking is so rare in the West.

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