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hello I would like to show


I would like to show all of you man out there how simple is to find a good women.

When you find a girl you like, write to her like this in the first letter.

Say that you like her and would like to meet her in person in 2 weeks time. Make shoure she needs to take a bus to meet you at your hotel. It should be 3 to 6 hours ride for her.

Never offer or send her money, ever. Say to her you will call, her when you arrive at your hotel.

Give your self 2 weeks to write back and forth. Ask her to send to you scaned ID or Passport.

If she comes to see you at your hotel and she does not make love and does not suck you off she might be a contender for serious relationship. How ever you will need to stay there for 20 more girls and try to fuck all of them to find a good one. Good one will fuck after 2 weeks of you will need to make the engadment first.

One thing to remember. You must fuck at least one women per day, every day your there.

But not the ones your interested to Marrie. This way your balls are empty and head is full of questions.

Good luck.

Wise man.


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