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living in the phil.

you can't own property in the philippines unless a philippine citizen is on title. you can own a condo though without them on title. however keep in mind that if your wife is on title to the house, she can sell it out from under you anytime without you having any recourse. its really better to rent since your payments will be the same, and it could take YEARS to sell a house there. cebu is a nice place with its international airport, and is a good jumping off point for many other nice places in the visayas. ormoc or tacloban are ok but you will own the house forever so keep that in mind.. resales there are not very common, although on panglao island they have nice condos there. but with rentals you can be out in a minute if you have to be. also the more remote you are the less in facilities they will have.. like running water and electrical service and basic plumbing...lots to consider before moving here. email me if you want to know more.   good luck...kev


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