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more details?

Can you share some more details about what you are looking for?  Are you wanting to be in a big city with excitement, or do you prefer to be in the middle of nowhere, cut off from civilization whenever it rains?

My wife and I live in Dumaguete - it's an ok place, crime is not too bad, etc. There are annoying things everywhere - in Dumaguete for instance there are so many two-cycle motorcycles (which pollute much more than four-cycle) riding around downtown.  Where we live right now we're happy with the internet (we have both smart bro and globe broadband because a backup is required) - but some other neighborhoods don't have good internet.  

Cebu is too crazy for me - the one time I drove my motorcycle there I was almost smashed up in a few accidents, and not because I was stupid: the drivers there are just even more crazy and plentiful than here in Dumaguete.


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