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Better Internet Connectivity to the U.S. Likely Soon? Supposedly Yes.

From what I've heard, the current carrier for all internet traffic between the Philippines and the U.S. is Globe.  PLDT (which is the owner of Smart) currently has to buy their bandwidth from Globe, as does everyone else.  This bottleneck is one of the causes of the lack of goodbandwith in much of the Philippines.  (For instance, I was recently told that an applicant who wanted to open a new Globe Broadband account in Bohol was refused an account because Bohol did not have any more bandwidth available.)  For many of us who work over the internet from the Philippines, we've found our connectivity sometimes broken or slow - partly due to the overseas bottleneck (Globe routes the traffic supposedly through a combination of cables and high-capacity wireless, through to Hong Kong and/or Japan, en route to the U.S.)

Supposedly, the long-awaited cable is now near completion. Presumably, on Philippine time, their prediction of having the cable in operation by August won't quite happen according to schedule.  But you never know: PLDT has always had a more reliable connection for me than Globe, and PLDT is in on this new cable.  I'll certainly be happy if my ping were below 200ms (right now to my servers in LA, I have about 220ms ping from Dumaguete).

Just think - as you read this, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean right now, there is a medium-sized ship laying a fiberoptic cable along the sea floor, that you will soon be using to browse and read your email!


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