BIR Office Directive: Reduction in Hours of Attendance

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BIR Office Directive: Reduction in Hours of Attendance

We noticed this sign today at the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) office.

"It has been observed that in recent occasions, it has become a habit of many taxpayers and those seeking for tax clearance/certificate and all other official papers. These taxpayers come to the district office in numbers so prominent, especially during tax deadlines or other deadline from other concerned agencies that even some of them demands special attention/treatment from our frontline personnel so their concerns could be addressed immediately.  These in evvect, had caused so much stress, mental and physical fatigue[...]

"In view of the foregoing, all district personnel performing frontline duties and functions... [ are to reduce their hours available to the general public ] ..."

"Strict compliance is hereby enjoined."

Well, it was an interesting read.  What do you think?


Only in The Philippines?

So, the problem is that there isn't enough time to service all the public requests so the answer is: Reduce the time available.


Fantastic. Excellent solution.


Maybe if they stopped working completly the problem would go away.



it does seem

it does seem counter-intuitive to a western mind. 


wala s BIR ung problem nsa mga tao.. kc kung kelan deadline dun cla ngpupunta..


ang haba ng oras n binbigay ganun pdin gngwa nila..!!!