Does anyone know Neuita De La Rosa "Nene"

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Does anyone know Neuita De La Rosa "Nene"

I am posting this picture in hopes that someone will rezognize Nene De La Rosa. My Fathers name is Federico Ramong De La Rosa. The back of this picture is signed.."To Uncle & Auntie, a simple rememberance, from your niece (Nene). I am not able to make out the full name it looks like it says, Neuita De La Rosa. I will post also a picture of my father, He passed away in the year 2000. Anyone can contact me here or at my email adderss which Mz Rozeta


I've no idea who she is but

I've no idea who she is but you could help others by posting some additional information like: Towns, Cities your father grew up in. Provence your niece lived in. Possible year of photo. Some old photos, especially professional ones like this have dates printed on the back and the photographer's name/studio name. If you have this information you could help yourself a lot.


Good luck with your search.