Plowing With Ox in Cebu, Philippines

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Plowing With Ox in Cebu, Philippines

This is me, Peter Christopher, plowing with an ox (not the standard caribou water buffalo) in Cebu, Philippines in 2007.


ox plowing

thats quite the beast you have there.Have never seen a yoke like that one before over the hump,was wondering if the yoke was attached to the head like they do in Canada if one would get more torque from the ox,interesting.


Interesting question... this was actually the first time I had ever plowed with a metal plow and one ox, so I honestly don't really know. I've also plowed with a wooden plow (metal tip) and two oxen a few times, and it was actually quite a similar experience; with the two oxen, the yoke was tied to the heads at the horns. Speaking of yokes, here is a yoke of a different kind I designed a few years ago for carrying water. It worked well. I'd do it the same way again. (It's not me modeling the yoke by the way... somebody had to take the picture!)
water-carrying yoke

Carrying yoke

Dear Peter,

My name is Håkan Jönsson and I would like to use your excellent picture of the carrying yoke in a publication on urine diversion and handling systems for urine.

I would be most grateful if you allow this and if you show this by sending a higher resolution of the picture to my email.

Best regards,


No problem

 Sure.  I just sent it to you.