Charge for not having moto registration in Philippines?

So my friend was pulled over for being a gringo.  Still says this wasn't the reason he was pulled over, even though everybody on the road still has the old tags.  Just him who gets pulled over, he says skin color means nothing.  Didn't have his registration, god knows why, they took his license - had to pay 2,000 pesos to get it back.  Are these fines standard, or is there a sliding scale?  He claims the guy at the LTO arbitrarily came up with the 2,000 figure.  At least he got a receipt.


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that's long nose price

The standard traffic fine according to my mechanic is 50-100 pesos.

lto ripps

 The lto is thye biggest ripp in the phills other than the ladys haha i recently got stopped for no helmet 1200 p fine  as i was escorted to the ofgfice to retrieve my license the lto guys four of them got on there bikes with no helmets andescorted me to the office what a joke really  . it is another philippine thing oh well im so used to it   now   i will not stop for any lto any more they can comeget me  and i will never surrender my license to them   that is the first mistake .


great comment from carl about his experiences w/ LTO philippines

Carl from Phoenix gave me permission to post his short stories about this here:  

Yes, several times. I was on the way home from SM and my back rider did not have her helmet on. We caught in traffic and Citom was standing there. He pulled me over, well, as far as I was going to go. He wanted to give me a ticket for her not having her helmut. Just about that time, another motor was behind me trying to get by, but both on that motor no helmet. I told the Citom to pull them over and he told me nope, there is no way they can afford to pay. I said, so you pull me over because I am Kano? He said yes. Oh yea? I said good bye and left.

I was at the light at Emall when Citom came over, again my back rider didn't wear her helmet, she just didn't put it on. He looked at my Arizona DL and asked me for my PI license. I told him I don't have one cuz I am just here for short time. He said that I need to pay the ticket. He said he will take my license. I said the hell you will, you will issue me a ticket and I will take care of it. He said that I have to go rite now to LTO down the street. I said "let's go then". He declined and said next time to have helmet. About that time, 4 people pulled up along side of us. only the driver had his helmet. I asked the Citom is he going to give him a ticket? He said he didn't have time for him.

3 years ago I was driving from Cebu to Lapu Lapu after dark. My motor was brand new, so had no license plate, just For Registration. I was on the Reclamation road scootin along when Citom pulled up along side and stopped us. I was working at Alta Cebu at that time, one the staff was with me. The officer came over and asked for my license and registration. He told me that motor is impoundable do to no license plate. I explained to him that I don't need for 21 days after purchase. He said I need one anyway. I said no I don't. He left and somebody with more rank came over and said they will impound the motor, or I have follow them to the station. I said let's go. He then they are on the way to an accident, I need to follow them and wait while they investigate the accident. I said no I don't, you will issue me a citation and we are on our way, or you impound the motor and I will call taxi. He said we impound the motor. I said OK and we get off and turn the wheel and lock the steering. I put the key in pocket. He said I need the key,I told him, you don't get my keys. At that time, I take out my notebook that I always carry, and my pen. I tell "I want your full name, badge number, and precint". He ask me why, I tell him so I know who has my motorcycle and where to pick up in the morning. He ask me how I know all this, and I tell him that I am retired Los Angeles police officer after 35 in service. He stepped back about 3 paces and grunted, and said "well, I will let it go this time" and gave me back all my stuff.

... another one for you that happened to me I think Dec 08. Me and a girl was driving thru Mindanae on the North road. We didn't have out helmets on. I was in the left lane scootin along when another motor flew by me on the right on his horn and taping his helmet and pointing to me. There were 5 or 6 Citom standing there. They all started whistling like crazy and yelling at me. I just gunned it and did not look their way at all. After we got by, I told the girl to not look back for any reason. Few seconds later that motor pulled up beside me, as I do not drive the way do. Well, we stopped and he was polite and said that there is ordanance to wear helmet. I said yes I know, but was only going rite to Fooda. He said there is fine we have to pay in Mindanue. I said I am not going that direction, and besides, I ask him if he is Citom or LTO? I said you look like just any other pinoy on motorcycle. He said he is Citom. I ask for official ID. He said he left it at home. I said "you do not look like Citom to me, good bye" and I left.

i like it

  awsome story   it reafirms what i will do next time   be strong old charlie san haha

but is it worth the risk?

In general I agree with the theme insofar as the importance of standing up for one's "rights" - at least trying to - and taking careful note of inconsistency.

On the other hand, I'm a bit cautious about being too rash in action - especially living here semi-permanently - one of the worst liabilities a person can have in the Philippines is enemies.  And I'm not the best judge of what will make enemies here or not, though it often seems to do with having open disagreement in public - even (especially) when one is right about something.

If you do have some powerful friends, you might be able to go against the grain more, but if you're a loner, it might not be the right approach for the long haul?

I'm not sure, just sharing my idea, I'm really not sure one way or the other yet.


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