What is a good time of year to visit the Phillipines?

My husband and our 3 children would like to take trip to the Phillipines this year.  We are very flexible with our dates because our children are homeschooled.  I would like to know what time of year is best? 

Also, I know some Tagalog but I would like to learn more.  What would be a good language program to use.

Thank you for your help!


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best time to visit

the best time to visit is in the western winter from october to march. that is the dry season on the phils, it will rain less. summer months are more beautiful anywhere in europe or in north america, especially far up in the north. you get warm waether and long days. in the phils sunlight is from about 6 to 6 all year, more or less..

avoid manila, noone i know likes it. manila is an expensive, dirty and polluted place. avoid boracay. it is a tourist ripoff. you can find more beauriful, cheap beaches on other islands.

pinoys love children, you will feel very welcome.

go to any of the islands outside manila and enjoy.

visit the Philippins

The new Rosetta stone course is pretty effective.  I am old ,hard headed and have a hard time with language but I have learned a lot with the course.  As for best time to visit, like the previous comment said, October to March is dryer.  But I like rain so any time is good.  Just be prepared for lots of hot tempertures.  Hope you enjoy your visit.

Rosetta Stone - Tagalog

I'm pretty bad at learning languages.  But, I've heard the Rosetta Stone courses are pretty good.  I'd love to learn enough Tagalog to let people in the philippines I meet know I care enough to at least try.  Do you know where I can get the 3-lesson course at a fair price.  It's pretty expensive from Rosetta Stone, and even on e-Bay.



Learnig Tagalog with Rosseta Stone

I don't know where you could get it any cheaper.  If you do buy on ebay then make sure you get the latest version.  Some of the reviews I read when I was shopping said the voice recognition on the older version wasn't any good.  This may or may not have been true as with my course I have found that when I sound out a word the way I think it should be I get it wrong.  Then I find I have separated or run together segments of words opposite of what they should be and when I get it right the computer will accept my pronouncing of the word. 

When I sent in an inquiry as to the price and got my reply I didn't respond right away and with in a few days got an offer for $100.00 off the full course.

Here is a link to an online Tagalog-English Dictionary that is very help full in learning the language.  It is free.  Good luck learning and maybe someday we can communicate in a language other than English in the Philippines.

The dictionary link--I left it out

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