baggage allowance from hong kong to philippines - airline recommendation?

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We have tickets to get to Hong Kong, but from there we will have to get tickets to Philippines - Manila, Dumaguete, or Cebu.  I would like to travel with some heavy baggage (we're allowed a huge baggage allowance on the flight to Hong Kong).

But I just checked into the baggage regulations on Cebu Pacific.  Apparently there is a 15kg allowance per person.  After that it's 2000php for each 5kg.  So if we have even just 50kg extra between the two of us, that's 20,000php: $400.

Anyone have any experience or advice how to get from Hong Kong to the phils with heavy bags?

baggage cebupacific

i flew hkg cebu on cebupacific.

the bad news is they are very strict with overweight luggage. i had 30 kgs, their scale showed 32.

the good news is that overweight fees with cebupacific are very low, i mean very very low. dont worry about that. i think i paid 10 bucks.



it appears they have new rates

I think their new rates are now a lot more expensive.  I think the fares went up in September 2008.


seems like ripoff. happens everywhere on the phils. immigration charges almost 100% higher fees than last year. only two years ago the phils were cheap. no more. now they are expensive, prices up 50%-100% every year. more and more people i know stay away.

thailand is cheaper,cleaner and infrastructure is better. actually better in everything.


at least the airport will be interesting

We might be stuck arguing for hours with the airlines... but I see that at least we'll be able to spend our time window-shopping armani style at the world's best airport.

Flew with Cathay Pacific

We ended up flying from Hong Kong to Manila with Cathay.  If your baggage is already checked, and you have a continuing flight with Cathay (even if it is on a different ticket) the airline will not reweigh your luggage - you don't go through customs or receive your luggage - their computer just picks up your luggage for you and puts it on your Cathay flight.  Cathay required me (and my baby) to have round-trip tickets - Cebu Pacific I believe requires the same thing.

But just FYI - if you are married to a Filipina and flying into the country with her, then you generally do not need the return flight at the immigration checkpoint.  You need to ask the immigration officer for the Balikbayan stamp, which gives you a 1-year stay for free (no need to go to the immigration office -- this saves you almost 500 USD in immigration fees!).  Our baby also got the stamp, another 500 USD saved because she doesn't have a Philippines passport yet.

We later took the Philippines Airlines flight from Manila to Dumaguete.  We bought the ticket online and it was cheaper than the fare quoted from a Manila travel agent.  We did have to pay a small amount of baggage charge - I think it was 500 pesos, even though we were quite overweight.

Hong Kong to Manila

Me and a friend are also trying to go from Hong Kong to Manila and will have heavy baggage.  I am currently looking into boats and ferries.  There is a cruise line that stops in Manila from Hong Kong on the second day, and I wonder if they would carry some passengers at a much reduced rate for a partial, one way trip.

boat from Hong Kong

That's a neat idea.  I hope you are successful!

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