Basics of Moving to Philippines

Here are some basics of considering a move to the Philippines. If you have only spent a few days in this country you are NOT ready to move here. It is a life-changing experience and should not be undertaken without some serious research. I would recommend you join LIP3 Yahoo group & read the entire archive which will take you a long time. When reading those posts you must understand that the group owner & his underlings make money from various companies and organizations that advbertise there. There is nothing wrong with making money, but any post that might indicate there is ANYTHING imperfect about The Philippines will not get posted there. They are truly the rose-tinted glasses group of people but a lot of good information is still available.

You also need to know that you cannot legally own more than 40% of any business here. Your wife can own the business if you open, say, a massage place or any other business. You also cannot own land under any circumstance, no matter what all the shills handing out building lot pamplets tell you about "joint property" & such. That applies only to Filipinos & not to you.  It would require a constitutional change. Such a change is being proposed but most people view it as a (rather transparent) attempt to extend the rule of Gloria Arroyo indefinitely. I'm happy that in the US we don't have such things.

If you are married you can get 13-a residency in The Philippine. Technically your wife does petition for you but you must be interviewed several times and get criminal checks & health checks as well as prove you have a steady income from abroad. Since you cannot even legally work here (in most cases) without residency; you could not use any Philippine generated income to prove you are self-sufficient. I may very well be wrong about your presence being required for the processing of a 13-a but if I recall from 2004 it was a rather inconvenient period in which I had to go back & forth several times.  Good Luck & don't decide to move without doing due diligence before making the big leap.

moving to pi


i know most ofthe phils because i have spent a year there on a bike travelling from island to island.

i have no commercial interests and i believe people who censor are morons.

here is my group:


ask me anything about the pi. i will give you accurate, unbiased information



I know Manfred from other

I know Manfred from other yahoo groups he has set up.  I'm glad to hear he has also set up one for the Philippines.  I recommend anyone with an interest in the Phils join it.

I also share some of Manfred's dislike of censored forums.  This website, Philippines Living, by the way, happens to be an uncensored forum, like Manfred's group.


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