Can You Travel The Entirety of the Philippines By Tricycle?

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tricycle in philippines with luggageA couple of our friends we met in Dumaguete spent several weeks trying to purchase a used motorcycle and tricycle frame to drive all over the Philippines.  I advised them against purchasing a used motorcycle (I learned my lesson the wrong way buying a used motorcycle here).  Well, it looks like they pulled it off! For 30,000 pesos including that cool 125 with a clutch?  It it's as good as it looks, they did a great job shopping.  Read more and follow Chris and his fiance on their trip.


Thanks Peter for featuring our trip here. Yep your advice was probably right, as we had to pay for some repairs already. Some welding had to be done also. The road conditions with pothole galore are surely no easy feat sometimes. Will update some more info regarding that at my site, which lacks a bit due to lower posting frequency. A small map with the current trip progress can be found here.

Anyway - thanks again and hope to see you guys soon again in Dumaguete!

we look forward to it

maybe by then we'll have some land we can show you... is it possible to buy "new" land in the philippines, or do they only sell "used" land here? 

your bike when u r done

 very nice story of your pedi cab i live in digos city on mindinao . i own 2 of them for a buizness i wish i had 10 they r the best investment for your money return hear i make 320 pesos a day in rent almost every day

 i will have another one i hope iion a month or 2 . if you travgel to mindinao i have a little hotel on the beach in applya  in digos you can view it in craiglist . im a cheap charlis living her selling bananas from my hotel and having my pedi cabs but where else can i have this much of an easy life . keep sending messages on your trip   im jeloyus and it sound like a blast   eric and josy   from digos

Hi Peter + Eric and Josy.

Hi Peter + Eric and Josy. Thanks for the friendly wishes!!! ;-)

Mindanao - let's see. So far everyone is recommending against it. Or only the northern part around Cagayan de Oro and so. I'm not even sure currently if the bike can make it that far. We are planning to go from currently Panay to Mindoro next and maybe further on to Luzon and then some day down via Samar, Leyte. But it all would depend on if the bike will fall apart before or not. ;-)

mindinao rep.

i agree about some of mindinao and you r probably making a good decision because of the highways you would be driving on it is classic dangerous bus trafic and truck traffic ok so please be safe . to bad the bike is working so hard ok i would have been interested in seeing it and talking to you about your travells    eric and josy

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