Cebu Pacific - Contact Emails For The Frustrated

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Everyone who has spent some time in the Philippines seems to have a Cebu Pacific horror story - whether it's the website or the exorbitant baggage charges, anal retentive baggage weighers, or the insistence on buying useless return tickets.  I just read a few recent posts on these topics that include some "potentially useful" email addresses... good luck.  Me personally, I've now decided to avoid them when possible.

  1. Refund processing time of cebu pacific is 3- 6 months especially if you bought online... bringing request and photocopy of your credit card to their office is a great help. you may also try to send a message to I'm not so sure if she can help as she's in-charge of group bookings, but she might be able to redirect your case to the concerned personnel.
  2. i had a similar experience last year. i bought tickets through the internet. i called cebu pacific for a refund. i was told to wait for 30-60days for them to credit back the amount of the tickets less penalties to my credit card. unfortunately, i wasn't able to follow-up/call regarding my request within the 30-60days period as i went to Europe for 3months. the amount of the ticket was never credited back to my credit card. :-( i don't want to do business with cebu pacific after that incident.
  3. Don't hold your breath. It took 8 months for them to credit the amount back to my credit card. Email their accounting office every now and then with your flight details. Don't expect a reply though coz I didn't get any. For those who paid for their tickets in cash, I think you just have to go to their office and get your money back. Refunds for credit card transactions take longer.